Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry , Investment, Tourism Pavilion in Miami US during WTTT 31st May until 2nd June 2023 and Nov. Geneva 2023

We are looking to bring together members to represent Romania‘s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Investment, Trade, Travel,  Tourism, during the 6th edition of the World of Travel, Trade, Taste EXPO 31st May until 3rd June 2023., at the Miami Beach Convention Centre

Kindly find below the WTTT EXPO details and let me know how we can partner and work together.

Please also note that the WTTT Swiss EXPO / planned for 10-12 Nov. 2023 in Geneva if you are able to take part.

WTTT Miami, 60+ country pavilions have already confirmed their participation and bringing together their members incl.  from investment, trade, travel, tourism, associations for gatherings, meetings, conferences and doing business.

Furthermore, countries will be involved with presentations, seminars, conferences related to sustainable future, development, responsible trade, travel, investment, taste / culinary demonstrations to promote their trade products, cultural values, heritage etc.


The Romanian CCIR pavilion: 

The Commerce, Industry, Trade, Travel members can attend and represent their services, products for B2B meeting’s, gatherings, promote international trade within the country pavilion.  You can also use the EXPO to stay connected and invite members from US, LATAM, Caribbean, and EU to share your pavilion to promote doing business.

Meeting room: 

You can reserve an area during one of the 3 days (the space based on first come basis) for business round to promote speak about the Romania’s Commerce, Industry, Economy, Investment, Business opportunities, foreign trade issues, Import and Export etc.

During the expo: you can have a welcome reception, invite members, as well as friends, and others to join your press, meetings, or reception. (Subject to availability).

We will provide entry tickets to EXPO free for all your guest attending.


Romania Trade, Commerce, Industry, Travel Road Show:

Should you wish to use the venue for your trade road show during 2023 EXPO in order to invite members, strengthen trade ties and economic corporation between Romania and other countries we can offer you one of the break rooms within the Ocean Drive, and help invite travel, trade buyers, industry decision makers. This is subject to availability at the time of booking.


Exhibition Space for Miami:

Below you design/construction costing for  4 -12 companies based on space, and furniture.  On each booth you can have more than one company or participant.

If you require other options, and with graphics the  cost will be different.


Based on 4-8 participants/ 20 sqm 

Item Description  Quantity  No. Booths Cost 2023
1 2023 space 20sqm 3800
2 Online


12 months 0
3 Construction, with hard construction back wall, company name tag, waste bin, drape table, 2 chairs, labor fee for moving in, moving out, final cleaning 20sqm/4 or 8 booths 4X 1050.75 per booth

(+7.7% tax)

4 Electricity connections 20sqm/4 booths 154 per connection

(+7.7% tax)

5 Furniture To be decided
Sub-Total + Tax    

Based on 6 participants/ 60 sqm

Item Description  Quantity  No. Booths Unit cost 2023
1 2023 space 60sqm 10,800
2 Online Promo


12 months 0
3 Construction, with hard construction back wall, company name tag, waste bin, drape table, 2 chairs, labor fee for moving in, moving out, final cleaning 60sqm/6 or 12 booths 6 X 1050.75 per booth

(+7.7% tax)

4 Electricity connections 60sqm/6 to 12 booths 154 per connection

(+7.7% tax)

5 Furniture To be decided
Sub-Total + Tax    

Based on 12 companies/ participants/ 120 sqm

Item Description  Quantity  Unity Cost Total 2023
1 Space hire 120sqm 20,000
2 B2B online promotions 12 months 0
3 Design & Construction, Graphic, Print on the back board panel, above the pavilion, with company name tag, waste bin, and carpets, labor fee for moving in, moving out, final cleaning 120sqm/12 booths 2247 per booth plus 7.7% tax 26972
4 Electricity connections 120sqm/12 booths 154 1848
5 Furniture 120sqm/12 booths 0 0
Sub-Total Plus tax     48,820

Other fees:

1:  You do not pay exhibitors/delegation entrance tickets.

2:  All sales must be registered with Miami Beach convention centre .

3:  You will receive entrance ticket for all your guest at no cost.

4:  Seminars, conferences:  we can allocate a slot for presentations to speak about Romania, export, import, travel, tourism, opportunities, doing business, trade products, tourism, travel, investment etc (based on availability).

5: Cooking Presentations: We can provide a stage with equipment for culinary heritage, tourism, demonstrations.

Cost of hire, cleaning is separate.

6: Visa Invitation:  those members require visa invitation letters; we will provide the details.  However, because of the covid 19 backlog with visa appointments dates. they must apply for the visa invitation as soon as possible

Miami Beach Convention Center Florida – USA

22-24 Sept 2022


Andy Bezos

Focus Media SA Switzerland


 CH +41 76 721 0665

 WhatsApp +44 7805 264730